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25th November – Christmas Day

This Christmas, we’re supporting the quest of students of Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School to help disadvantaged members of the local community, by hosting their charity Giving Tree from 25th November until Christmas Day.

You’ll find the Giving Tree located next to Santa’s grotto, here at The Gracechurch Centre and if you’d like to help, simply take an envelope from the tree.

Inside the envelope will be details of someone in need and the items they’d benefit from. These will vary from items of clothing for a homeless man, to toys for a child, as well as everyday essentials such as nappies for a single mum of three.

Once you’ve purchased your gift, simply return it to the Giving Tree where a student, parent or representative will collect it on behalf of Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School and deliver to the charities being supported or have them picked up for distribution to the individuals concerned.

If you’d rather make a financial contribution, these too can be made at the tree.

If you’d like to help out with the project by volunteering your time, please contact the Development Director at Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School, Brian Davies:

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