Christmas Opening Hours

Please note the hours may be subject to change, if you have any queries please contact the Centre Management team via 0121 355 1112.

Late night shopping hours 

3rd         December                                           9am – 6.30pm

10th       December                                           9am – 6.30pm

17th       December                                           9am – 6.30pm

Christmas opening hours 

21st       December (Monday)                      9am – 6.30pm

22nd      December (Tuesday)                     9am – 6.30pm

23rd       December (Wednesday)               9am – 6.30pm

24th       December (Thursday)                   9am – 5.30pm / 6pm

25th       December (Friday)                         CLOSED

26th       December (Saturday)                    9am – 5.30pm / 6pm

27th       December (Sunday)                       10.30am – 4.30pm

28th       December (Monday)                      10am – 5pm

29th       December (Tuesday)                     9am – 5.30pm / 6pm

30th       December (Wednesday)               9am – 5.30pm / 6pm

31st       December (Thursday)                   9am – 5.30pm / 6pm

1st          January (Friday)                              CLOSED

2nd        January (Saturday)                          Normal Trading Resumes